Illustration: “Something in the Air” by Ramona Russu — Modification: Expanded from original.

Stolen Ore

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Once upon a time,
there lived a King loved by all.
She was a whole.
Steady, her world shone.

She knew:
If she dreamt too high, waters would rise.
If she dwelled too low, fervor would blaze
her Home.

Unbreaking her stillness,
she let sameness

It was hardly noticed
that a day came

Joy wouldn’t glow,
Reason couldn’t flow.
The King who was loved by all,
was a whole no more.

She knew:
Her tears could not tend rivers.
Her smile could not spark cinders
at Home.

Breaking her slumber,
she fled soundness,
the eagle’s pass,
through the boiling core.

There lay Her King’s stolen ore,
by Time,
at once.

Artist. Environmentalist. Immigrant. Mother. Investigating the links between environmental health and mental health.

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