This city has absolutely no patience for your bad mood.

You have to be or at least seem happy all the time.

If you’re about to go out wearing a solemn face, don’t. Stay in. Especially on a sunny day when everyone else is smiling, flirting, catching muses, soaking the light in and you’re about to bring your attitude and kill this vibe, the city will stop you at your tracks. It will either get you a parking ticket, or drive you to a road closure, or get you into a fender bender, or sprain your ankle at your own doorstep. You got it bad? It will make it worse. It will conspire to eject you out of here. So you better stay in.

The public space is for dreamers, shine in eyes, and rising stars.

This is why L.A. must insist on staying an affordable and low-rise city. You must always be able to gaze into infinite skies or faraway hills that fold towards you on a clear day. Maddening forces operating from under the ground must be pressed out by the Sun. L.A. should never cram its residents into small apartments without balconies. It should never let them go homeless. People and their pets must always have ample private space, plus enough of it outdoors to dance, sing, or smoke away their mental breakdown. Otherwise, this town will turn into a madhouse. Not that its standards for sanity are a pinnacle, but it will become truly unhinged. You won’t want to be here when that happens.

Tomorrow is 70 and clear. Stay in if you’re gonna be a downer.

Artist. Environmentalist. Immigrant. Mother. Investigating the links between environmental health and mental health.

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