“Voting against” will fail

Why we need better reasons to unite behind Biden. Opinions of a dual citizen.

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Voting for a guy you don’t believe in, against a worse guy is not only undemocratic, but it usually fails.

In 2006, I wasn’t shocked by Hillary’s loss. I was just disappointed. I watched this story play out over and over again in my country of origin. I am disheartened to see it getting old in the country I immigrated to.

If you want to predict the future, look at other countries.

Before you reject the idea of comparing America to other countries, consider that this is about human psychology, not specific nations.

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Voter ink

Then, votes lost their privacy.

In the late 90s, a new era that revolved around the auras of individual politicians arose. Voters became more vocal about the personalities of the candidates they like. They began to express their choice publicly and try to get others on their team. Gradually, elections lost colors and became reduced to a binary way of thinking. You either voted yes or no. For Party A or Party B. Otherwise, you were in the losing team.

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VP and RTE
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Credit — Hürriyet
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Why is America in a “voting against” scenario?

This is DNC’s own making.

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Elizabeth Warren

Take a cue from Warren. You don’t have to endorse.

Warren wasn’t obligated to endorse anyone. While the word on the street is this is because of an ongoing feat she had with Sanders. Others say that she’s eyeing the VP seat or the Treasury position under a Biden administration. Many conclude that she’s a Republican at heart and has been using Bernie’s platform to launch herself.

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Bernie Sanders

Did Bernie lose?

Yes, on paper. But saying that people didn’t show up for Bernie is grossly undermining the massive movement he built.

Socialism is not a dirty word anymore.

Yes, the anti-establishment sentiment served Bernie, but he also did gain support despite the callused ideas America has about socialism. It’s almost a religion, a cultural tradition to hate the left, without much logic behind it, just like any hate behavior. Bernie built momentum, despite this challenge.

Is the safe choice really safe?

Although I am getting deeply disturbed by the cyberbullying of Joe Biden, the reasons why people doubt his chances against DJT are not unfounded. My reasons for not (yet) endorsing him:

  1. The argument that Biden will build a good team is weak. Just about anyone can surround themselves with a better cabinet, sans sons-in-law, than the sitting president. The bar there is extremely low.
  2. I’m deeply worried about his speech problems. English is my third language but I really shouldn’t have to decipher what he’s saying. After all, the public becomes influenced by whatever comes out of a President’s mouth. Not his VP’s or his advisers.
  3. People are not energized about him. Not the way Bernie people are for Bernie. Not the way Buttigieg people are for Buttigieg. I’m afraid, and I hope I’m proven wrong, that when the day comes, and there’s an excuse not to vote, work, weather, or pandemic, people won’t fight as hard to get to the polls. But Trump people will.
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Reality endorses the righteous

November is in a long while. I don’t have to decide and declare my support for Biden now.

  1. I will forget about winning, struggle, survive.
    I will keep my standards high. Warren persisted. Bernie lost over and over again when he voted for the causes he believed in, while “everyone else” was voting to win. Their record today matches the right side of history.
  2. I will pay closer attention to local government, other issues that will be on the ballot, and honest public servants to support in the long term.

Artist. Environmentalist. Immigrant. Mother. Investigating the links between environmental health and mental health.

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