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“Voting against” will fail

Why we need better reasons to unite behind Biden. Opinions of a dual citizen.

In a store bobblehead figures of a ninja turtle, Jesus Christ, Obama, and Trump.
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It’s DJT against whoever is most likely to beat him.

It’s like Tyson against X.
Federer against Y.
It’s a match.
It’s a game.

Is this really a democracy?

Voting for a guy you don’t believe in, against a worse guy is not only undemocratic, but it usually fails.

In 2006, I wasn’t shocked by Hillary’s loss. I was just disappointed. I watched this story play out over and over again in my country of origin. I am disheartened to see it getting old in the country I immigrated to.

This kind of political composition births dictators. DJT and alike almost always win. In the minds of the voters, a “voting against” scenario constitutes an almighty, nearly undefeatable individual. The attempt to form unity against that individual distracts away from the issues that the country has to deal with. It creates an illusion that the biggest problem the nation has is this one guy who’s messing everything up. It makes the elections and the country’s agenda all about him. It prevents politicians from doing their jobs. And worst, it dilutes the momentum built around decent public servants who can solve real issues.

This is where America is at today. November will play out predictably. Bernie people won’t feel obligated to declare their support for Biden, nor should they take the blame for the outcome.

Here’s why.

If you want to predict the future, look at other countries.

Before you reject the idea of comparing America to other countries, consider that this is about human psychology, not specific nations.

Ask any of your international friends. What were the results when the stakes of an election were unity against that terrible guy or nothing?

I can give one example from the country I grew up in, Turkey, whose economy, infrastructure, and core institutions are modeled after America.




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