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Solastalgia: A form of homesickness one gets when one is still at home.

_ Glenn Albrecht

Earth is a living body.

Artist is a translator.

The artist’s body is the first to converse with Earth’s body through the language of turbulence, making their ailments one and the same. This encrypted language is as old as the very first exhalation. It’s transmitted for the artist to receive, and decrypt.

Human communication aided by sounds, signs, and symbols has reached peak sophistication. It’s not enough. We continue to invent new devices to enhance our connectivity. …

If I know 2020 she’ll come round and hit one more time,

by being the last best year you’ve ever had. So I’m going to stop hating on her and…

Does it mean that I dwell at the edge of death?

I recall the past suddenly, vividly, and so frequently. And I dwell.

Karantina beni yabanileştirdi, korkarım.

Havadan sudan sohbet ederken iki cümleyi bir araya getiremez oldum. Dilim dolanıyor. Yeni insanlarla tanışmaktan, rastlantısal iletişimden ne kadar çok besleniyormuşum meğer. Büyük şehrin kirliliğinden, tüketiminden…

Writing in multiple languages?

I’m seeking the community’s advice on formatting and organizing multilingual posts.

1. Bilingual works.

My brain thinks in English, Turkish, and French. So I began to experiment with bilingual writing. I let different languages take the lead in forming a thought in a particular way. I switch between them freely if I feel one articulates a thought better.

However, I know that this limits my audience reach. So I’m looking for advice on how to make Medium work for my brain. Any writers experimenting with bilingual pieces? Assuming that the majority of medium readers are English speakers, should I translate the non-English segments of a bilingual piece? …

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Solastalji: Kendi evinde gurbet acısı çekmek.

_ Glenn Albrecht

Dünya canlı bir vücut.

Sanatçı ise tercüman.

Sanatçının bedeni, Dünya’nın bedeniyle huzursuzluktan ötürü iletişime geçen ilk beden. İkisi de aynı acıyı çekiyor. Dünya’nın sözü şifreli. Çözsün diye sanatçıya iletiliyor. Konuştukları lisan o kadar eski ki, varlığın ilk nefes alıp verişinden beri mevcut.

Öte yandan günlük hayatta kullandığımız dilin bir gizemi yok. Sesler, işaretler ve sembollerle çalışan insan iletişimi olgunluğa ermiş olmasına rağmen, insanlararası bağlantıyı güçlendirmek için yeni icatlar çıkarmaya devam ediyoruz. Kendimizi ifade etmenin binbir teknolojisi olduğu barok bir devirdeyiz. Algımız kendi gürültüsünde boğulan yörüngemizden öteye çıkamıyor. Zihnimizin kapasitesi birbirini aynalayan başkalarıyla ağzına kadar dolu. Eski hikayeleri alıp alıp yeni çıkan medya platformlarına aktarıyoruz, ama bu süreçte o hikayelerin esas niyetinden uzaklaşıyoruz. Doğruların kökü anlamlarını taşıdıkları yerden çapalanmış vaziyette. …

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The size of issues tackled in these reads may weight heavily on the readers' shoulders, revealing our sense of individual powerlessness. But I think they also help connect the scattered dots of the big unknowns thrown at us in 2020. Being equipped with this knowledge will help the individual activist mentally prepare for what is to come. For the activist today, the biggest danger is burnout. The key to the victory of the righteous cause will be maintaining stamina, not being shocked, or distracted by more 2020-like events to come in the future.

  1. Naomi Klein’s “This Changes Everything,” blew my world open to environmentalism back in 2016. I most appreciated how she connected her female body with the illness of the Planet body, in discussing infertility and sterility of our economic systems. …

“Voting against” will fail

Why we need better reasons to unite behind Biden. Opinions of a dual citizen.

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It’s DJT against whoever is most likely to beat him.

It’s like Tyson against X.
Federer against Y.
It’s a match.
It’s a game.

Is this really a democracy?

Voting for a guy you don’t believe in, against a worse guy is not only undemocratic, but it usually fails.

In 2006, I wasn’t shocked by Hillary’s loss. I was just disappointed. I watched this story play out over and over again in my country of origin. I am disheartened to see it getting old in the country I immigrated to.

This kind of political composition births dictators. DJT and alike almost always win. In the minds of the voters, a “voting against” scenario constitutes an almighty, nearly undefeatable individual. The attempt to form unity against that individual distracts away from the issues that the country has to deal with. It creates an illusion that the biggest problem the nation has is this one guy who’s messing everything up. It makes the elections and the country’s agenda all about him. It prevents politicians from doing their jobs. …

Feeding The Beast — 4

What could possibly go wrong when an artist invites her fans on stage?

Nothing. Or maybe everything did go wrong when Santigold invited the audience to come dance on stage at Lightning in a Bottle, 2019.

Amidst other profound experiences that I’d like to keep to myself, this audience participation became a cathartic moment for me and a perfect analogy for our social predicament in the digital age.

Emanating from this one request by the artist:

“Please, no cell-phones, no filming yourselves. Just be on stage and come dance with us.”

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My proximity to the platform would have easily allowed my participation in this animation, except I did not check the boxes required for such…



Artist. Researcher. Immigrant. I investigate the links between mental health and environmental health.

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